Tired of working a 9-5 and spending all your time building someone else’s dream? You might be considering starting your own business, and it could be one of the best decisions you’ve made in your life. If you’re ready to solidify your commitment to investing in yourself and your business, it’s probably time to due your due diligence and take action. After all, action is all that has every gotten anybody anywhere. small-local-business

Since I’m not a fan of sugar coating things, I’ll give it to you straight: this endeavor is not going to be easy. My good friend from Vallejo Plumbers was just telling me about his stress of taking on a multitude of roles within his company. Whether it be receptionist, marketer, or financier you’re obligated to do whatever it takes to keep the wheels turning. The good news? It will all be worth it in the end. If those sacrifices don’t sound too daunting, consider these pros and cons of being in the trenches of running your own small business.

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Social media is like the new girl you just started dating. It entertains you when you’re bored, loves you when you feel lonely, and even teaches you that sharing is caring.

Before there was Instagram, before there was Snapchat, there was a multi-dimensional cube that hosted black and white sitcoms, movies, comedies, you name it.  Then these shows progressed to color television. Human beings followed what they saw. Human beings didn’t have followers; they were followers.

social media

But now with such interactive social sharing platforms, you don’t need the media telling you who you are. You can simply show them who you are. Social media is the thing to do… or the place to be.

But what happens when it takes up too much of your time? What happens when social media gets in the way of what you desire to accomplish in life? How does one set out to take massive action with never-ending notifications blowing up the interface of your iPhone?

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