How To Succeed In Business

You may have heard it before, or you may need to hear it again. The best way to succeed in business is to be in business. You may think to yourself: “Wow, what an extraordinary statement (sarcasm).” If that’s what you thought, then chances are you really don’t get it. Challenge after challenge, failure after failure, it can hit you like a bag of bricks.entrepreneurial journey

In the early stages of ideation, and after coming up with your main idea that you want to take to market, you set out to take over the world. Maybe it’s a blog, maybe it’s drop-shipping, maybe it’s a physical product, maybe you decide to be a general contractor for a bunch of roofing companies. You go out into the world, you write this business plan, and tell yourself you’re going to be the best business of it’s kind.

Reality hits, and guess what? You–yes you–promptly suck. As this first failure can be extremely disappointing, people tend to give up. They never get past that initial wall. This is why most people never become a full-fledged entrepreneur. Some of the people, however, don’t give up. They discover, as a by-product of trying to figure out opportunity A, that opportunity B presents itself. After scrapping opportunity A, they adjust their business to sell opportunity B, and results slightly increase. Now remember, when they were coming up with opportunity A, they never even knew that opportunity B existed. Opportunity B was never an option until opportunity A was exhausted.

At this point, they’re still not doing that well. They are barely scraping by with this new-found opportunity. However, at this point they discover opportunity C, and again, adjust their business model to boost their success a little bit more. Business is picking up, but they’re still not achieving the level of success that they truly desire. So now, while they’re in the trenches trying to figure out how to sell more of opportunity C, they discover that there is in fact the realization of opportunity D.

This trend can go on and on. Some people exhaust the entire alphabet, and some people strike gold at opportunity C, D, or E. The point that I am trying to convey is: the best way to success in business is to be in business. If you’re talking to your friends about being in business, or reading a plethora of business books, you have yet to scratch the surface on the experience of actually being in business. You’ll never discover opportunity D, E, or F. The journey of being in business helps you to uncover your gold mine.

Get fear, doubt, uncertainty, and procrastination out of your head. These negative emotions are playing mind games on you. Just start something! And I guarantee you’ll be closer to where you were when you had NO business.

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