Selfish or Selfless?

Hey peeps, this is a lesson I gleaned from a podcast I was listening to while working out at the local 24 Hour Fitness. Enjoy the read, and as always let me know if you have any feedback!

Spirit-selfless-selfishThere’s an interesting concept in life that in every challenge we are presented with packs a certain amount of energy. And to meet that challenge requires of us an amount of energy equal to that of the challenge. If the resistance say, is five pounds, we need to counter it with five pounds. Makes sense right? But to overcome that same resistance, we’ll need five pounds or more.

When it comes to the tension between the matter and spirit, the spirit must apply that much energy, and then some to overcome the matter. Physically speaking – two of us cannot sit in the same seat at the same time. And this is because, physicality (by definition) takes up both time and space. So in order to share with one another, we have to give up something. If we have, for instance, food, and we share with another we now have less. If we have clothes and we donate them to the Goodwill, we now have less. That’s how things are measured — in a quantitative manner — in the world of matter. That’s just what it is.

On the flip side, spiritually speaking, two people can sit in two different seats a million miles apart and their love is so deep that they’re still just like one. And for them, to share food, or clothes, it means giving. But also, gaining something far more precious. So, in matter of spirit, and matter of work, in two different directions, they are entirely antithetical to each other.

Matter — meaning being selfish — always holds onto it’s own space. It doesn’t want to let go, in fact, it’s incapable of letting go by definition. But the spirit — meaning being selfless — has no problem giving up space at any time. This is because the spirit understands that food may spoil, clothes may be outgrown, and money runs out, and everything materially eventually will rot or erode.

Anything with spiritual value, by definition, is eternal, infinite, and changing. This means that at every moment of life, which becomes spiritualized, which is immortalized, and the part that you have something for yourself that is part of it will reach infinity.

So – live physically because that’s how our Creator created us. But live it in a spiritual way so that you will become infinite at all times, in everything you do, with everyone you meet.

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