Social Media Apps Vs. Me: The Ultimate Duel

Social media is like the new girl you just started dating. It entertains you when you’re bored, loves you when you feel lonely, and even teaches you that sharing is caring.

Before there was Instagram, before there was Snapchat, there was a multi-dimensional cube that hosted black and white sitcoms, movies, comedies, you name it.  Then these shows progressed to color television. Human beings followed what they saw. Human beings didn’t have followers; they were followers.

social media

But now with such interactive social sharing platforms, you don’t need the media telling you who you are. You can simply show them who you are. Social media is the thing to do… or the place to be.

But what happens when it takes up too much of your time? What happens when social media gets in the way of what you desire to accomplish in life? How does one set out to take massive action with never-ending notifications blowing up the interface of your iPhone?

These questions lead me to believe that deleting all of my social media accounts may be in my best interest. But I always go back and forth in my head about it. What if I fall behind and everyone forgets about me? What if I’m never able to get my followers back? But won’t I be happier this way? Do people really need to know what I’m doing on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis? Probably not.

After thinking and thinking, I finally figured that DOING is the only thing that matters. I’ll do what I have to do, until I become the person I want to become. Only then will I make a fighting comeback to the Instagram’s and the Snapchat’s of the world. Because only then, will people truly want to follow you.

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